Welcome to the information page for the research and the psychological intervention program Raha!

This information is for non-participants. If you are a participant choose detailed information in  Farsi/Dari through the links above.

Raha is an internet-based psychological treatment program for Farsi/Dari-speaking teenagers and young adults with a migration background . The program is designed for participants who suffer from mild to moderate common mental health problems. The purpose of the research is to give access to the treatment program called “Raha” globally* and to study its effects, feasibility and acceptability.

The treatment consists of several modules based on cognitive behavioral therapy. The treatment modules introduce CBT and include advice on how to manage anxiety, depression, stress, sleep problems, difficult memories and grief linked to traumatic experiences, worry and learn emotion regulation, building resiliency, and lastly a closing chapter with a maintenance program. Participants together with their online therapists will be able to choose several modules depending on their problems for a period that will last 6-10 weeks.

Note that the intervention is only available for participants who have Arabic or Farsi/Dari as their native language. Raha is not available in English.

The inclusion criteria for participation are:

  • Experiencing psychological difficulties related to the modules above.
  • Aged between 15 and 29 years old.
  • Able to read and write in Farsi/Dari or Arabic.
  • Have experiences as a migrant or refugee.
  • Have daily access to internet.
  • Able to participate actively for 6 to 10 weeks.
  • Participants may apply from most countries.*

The exclusion criteria are:

  • Undergoing another psychological treatment or support intervention.
  • Suffer from severe mental health problems such as deeper depression, severe suicidal thoughts, psychosis, and substance abuse.



Please inform participants

Please inform  Farsi/Dari speaking persons who may benefit about this study. An English version of the participant information sheet is available here (George please insert link to PDF deltagarinfo engelska). Note that the treatment is not available in English.


The study is a collaboration between Linköping University, Karolinska Institutet and Mid university in Sweden. The study has been approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority. Linköping university is responsible for the participant’s personal data.

Project team

The research team for this project consists of Youstina Demetry and Anahita Geranmayeh (PhD students), Mohammad Ali Amiri (MS psychology), Hanja and Amjad Aboali (therapists). Elisabet Watson (PhD), Tomas Lindegaard (PhD), Shervin Shahnavaz (PhD, Raha team leader at KI), and Gerhard Andersson (professor, PI for the project).


*Participants can live anywhere in the world since the intervention takes place via the internet and the collected data is securely stored on servers at Linköping University, Sweden. Stateless people are also welcome to participate. However, due to regulations, we are unable to include participants with US citizenship due to regulations in the USA.