What treatments are available?

There will be two treatment streams during this study which participants will be randomly allocated to:

  • One is receiving tinnitus help from an Audiologist/ hearing therapist in the hospital. You will be given information about tinnitus and management strategies. These may include sound enrichment advice, sleep management advice, and relaxation advice. A follow-up appointment may be booked. You will go to the hospital to receive treatment.
  • The other is receiving treatment via the online programme, Tackling Tinnitus, supported by an Audiologist through a messaging system and by telephone as required. The internet programme lasts 8 weeks and includes videos, worksheets, and easily readable information which can be downloaded or printed. You can do the treatment at home or anywhere that suit you (e.g. read materials on the train). A lot of the information is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies. The picture is an example of the website.

What is involved in the treatments?

In both treatment routes, you will receive valuable information about tinnitus and how to reduce its impact. You will be given strategies and be supported by a qualified Audiologist or Hearing Therapist regardless of the treatment stream. The difference between the treatments is where you receive them, either at the hospital or at home using your computer. For both treatments, you will need to implement the suggestions made to experience improvements.